Announcing the Pi Day Raffle Winners! Please email info@pie-spot.com, remember to include your phone number so we can match your ticket.

Tracy B

Ticket #'s: 9626006,9626005, 9626004, 9626007

4 laurelhurst theater admission tickets

Sketchbook/pens + star trek coloring book

Darling Distraction gift bag


Elena M

Ticket #'s: 9626028, 9626030

$25 lloyd center gift card + 6 ice rink tickets

$50 Collage Gift Certificate


Eric B

Ticket #:9625967

Custom TIMBUK2 backpack


Dana R

Ticket #: 9626082

$100 whole foods gift card



Ticket #: 9626085

Voodoo Doughnut dozen gift certificate



Ticket #: 9626012

$25 Pips gift certificate



Ticket #: 9625943

4 laurelhurst theater admission tickets


Adam E

Ticket #: 9626032

4 laurelhurst theater admission tickets


Jessica R

Ticket #: 9625983

Love Hive Yoga gift certificate for 5 classes



Ticket #: 9625998

$50 Laurelhurst market gift card


Annie S

Ticket #: 9626045

Water Avenue gift card


Daniela S

Ticket #: 9626016

$200 MEC gift card


Kate H

Ticket #: 9626010

$75 finger bang gift card


Michael L

Ticket #: 9626112

$25 Basilisk gift card + shirt


Grace D

Ticket #:9625957

$25 Basilisk gift card + shirt



Ticket #: 9625972

T-shirt & hat from 24th & meatballs


Deborah B

Ticket #: 9626125

T-shirt & hat from 24th & meatballs


Jen T

Ticket #:9625936

2 uno mas t-shirts 


Ashley K

Ticket #:9625959

2 uno mas t-shirts 



Ticket #:9625945

$20 MEAT gift certificate



Ticket #: 9625992

1 year of haircuts (6 gift cards) from Bishop's barbershop



Ticket #:9626025

$20 salt & straw gift card



Ticket #: 9626087, 9626091

Tapalaya sampler basket



Ticket #: 9626035

Busy bee pillow from whole 9 yards


Matt K

Ticket #: 9626127, 9626128

Buffy season 9 book



Ticket #: 9626110

Vape pens + t-shirt 


Jessica D

Ticket #:9625941

DoTerra essential oils gift basket


Pam R

Ticket #: 9626126

handmade Olive & Dingo dolls


Michelle E

Ticket #: 9626119

Decemberists LP anniversary box set


Matt Q

Ticket #: 9625976

Timbuk2 gift bike accessories, aluminum water bottle


Piera V

Ticket #: 9625971

Perfect bake smart scale


Alyson H

Ticket #: 9625946

Alma chocolate gift bag


Shari D

Ticket #: 

$20 MEAT gift certificate + hoodie


Eric H

Ticket #: 9625965

Aaron Lopresti signed Wonder Woman poster


Katy B

Ticket #: 9625961

Darling Distraction gift bag



Ticket #: 

Darling Distraction gift bag


Amelia L

Ticket #: 9626040

Darling Distraction gift bag


Melissa M

Ticket #: 9626132

Darling Distraction gift bag


Bryan N

Ticket #: 9626078

Signed Aesop Rock vinyl record


John M

Ticket #: 9625988

Signed Aesop Rock vinyl record


Brian H

Ticket #: 9625985

Signed Aesop Rock vinyl record




gif by  jd white photo

Pie Eating Contest @ 2pm
Olive and Dingo @ 4pm
Live Music from Soft Paws @ 6pm
The Chrysalids @ 6:30
Sam Emmerich & Friend @ 7pm
Zach Bryson @ 8pm
and raffle prizes from PDX local businesses! 

The raffle prizes are GOOD! Win gift cards to Finger Bang, Basilisk, Voodoo, Pip's, Alma Chocolate, Fire On The Mountain, Aesop Rock, Sizzle Pie, Collage PDX, Laurelhurst Theater, Whole 9 Yards, Pets On Broadway, Music Millennium, Darling Distractions, Love Hive Yoga, Columbia Art & Drafting, Salt & Straw, Pok Pok and more!

You don't want to miss this Pi Day Extravaganza! Join us for amazing food and music this Tuesday at

511 NE 24TH AVE, PORTLAND, OR 97232



On February 22nd, Tails and Trotters had an electrical fire that spread to our shop.  We have extensive water and smoke damages, as well as a litany of other things that will need to be replaced. Our main intention with this fundraiser is to help compensate our employees for lost wages, during this time. Our staff is the heart and soul of the store, and their loyalty and commitment to Pie Spot during this unfortunate event has been incredible and beyond touching.  We want to do everything in our power to keep them afloat during this time. 


Welcome to Pie Spot



In 2009, we started our company with goal of selling pie in the local Portland farmer’s markets and street fairs. We had a killer crust recipe and tons of ideas. Our only problem was, how we were going to serve the pies? We wanted to be economical and not wasteful.

By ditching the fork and plate, the Pie Hole was born!

Coined the “cupcake of pie,” we hand form each of our individual pies and fill them with the best ingredients we can find. In October of 2010, we opened the window on our cute vintage food cart and the response was amazing! We knew we wanted to go big, so we opened The Pie Spot brick and mortar in February 2013. We warmly invite you to visit us at our bakery in the lovely Kerns neighborhood in Northeast Portland, where we have an expanded menu that includes a full coffee bar, breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition to  catering.








Visit Us: 521 NE 24th Avenue | Portland, Oregon 97232 | 503.913.5103

Temporarily Closed Due to Fire


Follow us on Instagram @piespotpdx!